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Being Ukrainian in Poland after two years in Germany is rather weird experience. It took me several months to be able to see beyond the image of Poland, created by Western media and German cultural institutions. Finally I realized that Germany is Protestant Europe and Poland is Catholic Europe and here could be the roots of many cultural contradictions, conflicts and confrontations that occur to Poland. Despite many attempts to build bridges, develop common cultural initiatives and so on, it is really hard to overcome the fact that Reformation is a fundamental notion for modern Germany and Reformation was about protest against Catholicism and struggle for it's radical adjustment. Despite no obvious blood, the ghost of war between Catholics and Protestants is still present in modern Europe.
Image: The Battle of Rocroi, by Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau 

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Arseny Zhilyaev, Avant-Garde Museology, Series cover design by Liam Gillick, design by Jeff Ramsey.
October 2015, English

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"Following the death of God, the conspiracy theory became the only surviving form of traditional metaphysics as a discourse about the hidden and the invisible. Where we once had nature and God, we now have design and conspiracy theory."

e-flux Journal #07 - Boris Groys - Self-Design and Aesthetic Responsibility 

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It is rather symbolic, how 163 days of talks about colonialism and role of art&education in establishing power (that usually end up at similar events with nothing) have ended up with bankruptcy of the most important exhibition of Western art that question its further editions. Was bankruptcy in such situation the biggest luck or the biggest failure?

Western art, suppressing indigenous cultures at the same appropriates its inventions. There are many others consequences could be found in D14 if to avoid quick conclusions.

But salaries need to be paid. 

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