Date: 03.04.2020 - 23:23 | 

Auto-translation from facebook page of Olga Tokarczuk

From my window I see a white tree, a tree that fascinates me and was one of the reasons why I came here. The Mulberry is a generous plant - all spring and all summer feeding dozens of bird families with its sweet and healthy fruits. Now, however, the trees have no leaves, so I can see a piece of a quiet street, which rarely someone walks through, walking towards the park. The weather in wrocław is almost summer, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the sky is blue and the air is clear. Today while walking with the dog, I saw two magpies fly away from their nest owl. I was just a meter away with an owl.

I have the feeling that the animals are waiting for what is going to happen too.

The world has been too much for me for a long time. Too much, too fast, too loud.

So I don't have "isolation trauma" and I hate it because I don't meet people. I don't regret they closed the cinema, I don't care that the shopping galleries are closed. I only worry when I think about all those who lost their job. When I found out about the preventive, I felt some kind of relief and I know a lot of people feel the same, even though they are ashamed of it. My-Year-old, long-awaited and abused dictates hyperactive extroverts, got drunk and came out of the closet.

I'm looking out the window at the neighbor, the most beautiful lawyer I've seen recently, leaving for court this morning with a robe over his shoulder. Now He's fighting a branch in the garden with a branch in the garden, I think he took care of the cleaning. I see a couple of young people bringing out an old dog that has barely been walking since last winter. The dog is standing on his feet, and they patiently accompany him, taking a step. A garbage truck with a lot of noise takes away the garbage.

Life goes on, and how, but in a completely different rhythm. I made order in the closet and put the read newspapers into a paper container. I went over the flowers. Picked up the bike from repair. It makes me happy to cook.

I stubbornly come back to me images from childhood, when there was much more time and you could "waste it", for hours looking out the window, watching the ants, lying under the table and imagine that this is an ark. Or reading an encyclopedias.

Isn't it that we're back to normal rhythm of life? That it is not a virus that is a normal disorder, but the other way around - that hektyczny world before the virus was insane?

After all, the virus reminded us of what we were so passionate about - that we are the most powerful beings, made of the most important matter. That we die, that we are mortal.

That we are not separated from the world with our "humanity" and ascribed, but the world is a kind of great network in which we are stuck, connected to other entities of the threads of relationships and influence. That we are dependent on each other and no matter how far countries we come from, what language we speak and what is the color of our skin, just as we affect diseases, we are just as afraid and we die as much.

He made us realize that no matter how weak and vulnerable we feel against the threat, there are people around us who are even weaker and need help. He reminded how gentle our old parents and grandparents are and how much they deserve our care.

He showed us that our febrile mobility is threatening the world. And he called the same question that we rarely had the courage to ask ourselves: what exactly are we looking for?

The fear of the disease turned us back from the road and reminded us of the existence of nests from which we come from and in which we feel safe. And even the we were, I don't know how big they are, in a situation like this, we will always push to a house.

In this way, the sad truth - that at a moment of danger comes back thinking in the most dangerous and exclusion categories of nations and borders. At this difficult moment, it turned out how weak the idea of the European community is in practice. The Union actually gave up the match by giving decisions in times of crisis to National States. Closing the state borders is the biggest failure of this poor time - old egoisms and " Alien " and " Alien " categories came back. That is what we have been doing over the past few years with the hope that it will never again change our minds. The fear of the virus automatically brought the simplest atavistic belief that some aliens are guilty and they always bring the threat from somewhere. In Europe, the virus is "from somewhere", it's not ours, it's alien. In Poland, all those who come back from abroad have become suspects.

The Wave of breaking borders, the queues at the border crossing points for many young people were probably a shock. The virus reminds: borders exist and are doing well.

I'm also afraid that the virus will soon remind us of another old truth, how much we are not equal. Some of us will fly private planes home on the island or in forest isolation, while others will stay in the cities to operate power plants and water supply. Others will risk their health by working in stores and hospitals. Some people will focus on an epidemic, others will lose their life's achievements. The crisis that is coming will probably follow those principles that seemed stable to us; many countries will not cope with it and in the face of their decomposition, new cleaning will wake up, as often happens after crises. We sit at home, read books and watch TV series, but in reality we are preparing for a great battle for a new reality that we can't even imagine, slowly understanding that nothing will be the same as before. The situation of forced families at home can make us aware of what we would not want to admit at all: that the family is tired of us, that the marriage ties are long gone. Our children will come out of the internet-addicted to the internet, and many of us will realize the nonsense and sterile of the situation in which they are physically and powerful. What if we increase the number of kills, suicide and mental illness?

In front of our eyes, it blows away like the smoke of the of, which has shaped us for the past two hundred years: that we are the masters of creation, we can everything and the world belongs to us.

New times are coming.