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Date: 09.11.2018 - 21:53 |

The publication, titled “Erfahrungswörterbuch”, is a metaphorical translation of a notion "Erfahrung/Досвід", gathered from texts from “Die Schriften zur Naturwissenschaft” of Wolfgang Goethe and from "Лексикон таємних знань" of Taras Prokhasko. “Erfahrungswörterbuch” provides opportunity to compare writings of authors, as well as their approach to the notion of experience, but also nature, memory and death. For both Goethe and Prokhasko the experience (die Erfahrung) is a starting point of thinking and investigating of the world around, however if in case of Goethe it is more scientific, rational approach that equalize experience with experiment and mathematical measurement of its results, for Prokhasko it is emotional state, sensitive journey (das Erlebnis) that he considers to be a source of genuine knowledge. 

The book is printed with support of Frauenförderfonds of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.