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It is rather symbolic, how 163 days of talks about colonialism and role of art&education in establishing power (that usually end up at similar events with nothing) have ended up with bankruptcy of the most important exhibition of Western art that question its further editions. Was bankruptcy in such situation the biggest luck or the biggest failure?

Western art, suppressing indigenous cultures at the same appropriates its inventions. There are many others consequences could be found in D14 if to avoid quick conclusions.

But salaries need to be paid. 

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by Anna Tugolukova, 2012

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WITHIN FOUR WALLS will explore the borders of public and private space. From the inside of the studio, to the outside of the city centre and everything in between, showcasing the many ways that public art can be presented. Within the walls of M14, previous projects from (UN)SOUNDS OF BUCHENWALD and HOTEL LEIPZIG will be displayed alongside new interventions inside the space. We will also investigate the site-specific approach and take work to the streets of Weimar, emphasising the broadness and range that Public Art and New Artistic Strategies has to offer.
Weimar Modernity - project, realized within the exhibitions WITHIN FOUR WALLS that addresses such questions as if there is a a place for Modernity in Weimar? How Weimar Modernism could look like?  

Marienstraße 14
Fr, 14 July, 12:00- 23:00
Sat, 15 July, 12:00- 20:00
Sun, 16 July, 12:00- 18:00 

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